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Janet’s Story

Janet Bell had been a homecare assistant for 24 years when she suddenly found herself in a very dark place. A client she was very close to passed away and, as depression set in, a referral from her doctor led her to the doors of BCHA’s Ignite programme… “My client was only four years older […]

Emma’s story

Emma was 15 when she became homeless, but with support from BCHA she is on the path to a successful career, and a whole new life: “I had my daughters at quite a young age – the first one when I was 18, and the second one at 21. Since then they have been my […]

Sam’s story

After losing his marriage and career due to his bipolar disorder and a cyclothymic personality leading him to attempting suicide, Sam disappeared to Thailand. Whilst there, he realised that coming home would mean that he’d be homeless. He got in contact with Salisbury Trust for the Homeless over email, who arranged meetings and accommodation for […]

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