After 30 years of alcohol misuse, Kathy’s life eventually began to fall apart. She was living with both parents, her husband and teenage daughter, caring for her mother who is paralysed and has Parkinson’s. Her father was then diagnosed and later died from prostate cancer, and six months after that her husband of 20 years left her. When a fire started in their family home, Kathy was identified by legal services as an abused woman and was referred to BCHA.

“I had been through a really rough time – I had experienced financial and emotional abuse with threats of violence – when I was referred to the pattern changing course run by BCHA. It was wonderful.

Having given up alcohol I was inspired by life without it, and thoroughly believe that anybody can turn their life around. It gave me the desire to work with people that had suffered from addiction – so I contacted BCHA and did an amazing course called Ignite. This six week programme focuses on your self-development and wellbeing and led to me into getting voluntary work in a rehab centre. After this, I did a number of other courses including confidence and personal development programmes.

They were so holistic – improving my self-esteem and teaching me that I had life skills and transferrable skills, and that whatever happens I have the confidence to cope with what life throws at me.

I’m now looking to qualify as an adult education teacher and then hopefully one day as a life coach. I just know my future will get better and better and better. I found happiness and I never knew what it was. You can change the way you feel – it’s your choice.”

“I found happiness and I never knew what it was. You can change the way you feel – it’s your choice.”

Kathy’s piece of advice for changemaking:

“Absolutely everybody has it within them to turn their life around.”

  • £5 can provide art therapy, including materials, for one person
  • £30 would pay for a counselling session
  • £5,000 would pay for approximately 150 sessions
  • £1,000 will allow for a full Mindfulness course to be facilitated