Emma was 15 when she became homeless, but with support from BCHA she is on the path to a successful career, and a whole new life:

“I had my daughters at quite a young age – the first one when I was 18, and the second one at 21. Since then they have been my motivation. It was when they started primary school that I decided to get back into education; I wanted to inspire them, and show them I could do a bit more with my life.

Because I hadn’t completed all of my GCSE’s, I took an Access course to help with my University application; I am now a third year Marketing student at Bournemouth University. I have just finished my placement at Silicon South, an organisation dedicated to accelerating Dorset’s digital economy.

To be a part of the University today is a big thing for me, because there was a time in my life when I had no direction. At 15 I found myself without anywhere to live, and without any idea of a career path to follow. It was then that I heard about BCHA through the Bournemouth Town Hall. Since then they have supported me and helped me on my path out of homelessness.

“Many people in Bournemouth don’t realise the hidden skills they have..”

Now I volunteer with the organisation, and I am passionate about helping people in realising their hidden skills and talents. I work a lot with giving people greater opportunities in the workplace.

Through volunteering I have also discovered that it’s the little things that make a difference; just lending an ear to someone or giving up a bit of time to point them in the right direction can change their life.”

Emma’s piece of advice for changemaking:

“It’s the little things that make a difference: just lending an ear or giving a little bit of your time up to point someone in the right direction can change their life.”

  • £5 can provide a bus fare for a day to access activities and appointments
  • £60 can provide a new outfit for a person coming to us from the street with no clothing other than what they come in wearing.
  • £1,000 keeps a Rough Sleeper in emergency accommodation for a month
  • £5,000 would buy 60 starter packs for customers moving into a new home, which would include, kitchen starter set, dinner set, Bathroom towel set, duvet, pillows, full bedding set
  • £10,000 would currently cover the interest cost on a private finance loan of around £333,000 that could fund the building of around three new homes