Sophie is a 16-year-old student  at City College Plymouth who first learned about the housing work of BCHA through her mum, Sam.

“My name is Sophie and I am 16 years old.

“I am currently a first year student undertaking a City College L2 course in Public Services. When I leave college I want to become a police officer or join the Navy.

“I have started an NCS (National Citizen Service) programme in which we have to fundraise and/or raise awareness of a specific charity.

“I knew I wanted to help BCHA because I know how important their work is here in Plymouth, and how they help people in need of housing.

“Several teams had to debate their chosen charity and I was pleased that my team won. We were tasked to deliver two different activities to promote awareness of BCHA and fundraise as much as possible for the charity in a short period of time.

We created a video promoting awareness of BCHA and a Facebook page. We also designed a simple act of kindness (gift wrapped books with a tag including the link to our BCHA Facebook page).

“Funds for this came from a Dragons’ Den scenario in college in which our leaders and NCS staff were observing us – and we secured £25 which was spent on wrapping paper and the books. 

“My team made an information video about BCHA, exploring questions like how does BCHA change lives, and what comes after BCHA for the customers?

“After our project ended I was pleased to be given a special shout out at the graduation ceremony for my work and commitment.”

“It was great to be able to do my bit for BCHA.”

  • £5 can provide a bus fare for a day to access activities and appointments
  • £60 can provide a new outfit for a person coming to us from the street with no clothing other than what they come in wearing.
  • £1,000 keeps a Rough Sleeper in emergency accommodation for a month
  • £5,000 would buy 60 starter packs for customers moving into a new home, which would include, kitchen starter set, dinner set, Bathroom towel set, duvet, pillows, full bedding set
  • £10,000 would currently cover the interest cost on a private finance loan of around £333,000 that could fund the building of around three new homes