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Darren’s Story

“About nine years ago I had a car accident in which I was badly injured and which left me with epilepsy. Things went drastically downhill. I was having seizures, I was unable to work as a carpenter, or drive and I was drinking too much. After splitting up with my partner I ended up homeless […]

Mike’s story

Former heroin addict Mike Tucker was ejected from BCHA accommodation. But despite this, he credits the organisation for helping to save his life. Mike 41, was ejected by BCHA for drug use, damage to property and antisocial behaviour. That weekend his mum found him in her house having overdosed on heroin. He was 15 minutes […]

Rachel’s story

“My private landlord’s home was repossessed and because there was no housing available for us, my son and I were put into a hostel in Poole. At night when the staff went home the place was full of drug taking and the threat of violence. We were there for six months. I was petrified and […]

Miles’ story

Miles Mahoney is the co-ordinator at BCHA’s allotment in Throop, Bournemouth. He shares his passion for nature and growing plants with participants of The Growth Project and Level 1 Horticulture courses, which are free and help provide new skills and improve well-being. “I’ve worked for BCHA for nine years after having my own landscaping business […]

Maria’s Story

Maria, originally from London but now living in Swanage, was 23 when she was hit by a vehicle and sustained 15 fractures. The hospital staff joked that she would laugh at this in 20 years’ time after being airlifted home. She calmly told them to read her notes as she was run over at the […]

Adam’s Story

Adam is one of two gardeners for New Leaf, looking after the grounds at BCHA’s housing properties. “Ten years ago I was working in Bournemouth as a sales manager and my partner Andy (now my husband) and I decided on a complete lifestyle change – we moved to mid-Wales to give smallholding a go. “We […]

The Festival of Wellbeing’s Story

Boscombe Chine Gardens was abuzz with music and good vibes for the seventh annual Festival of Wellbeing which highlighted the excellent work done by Ignite and New Directions and BCHA’s many partner organisations. The Festival of Wellbeing is held annually by BCHA and raises awareness of organisations offering all manner of support across the conurbation. […]

Kari’s story

Kari has found her way to her ideal job by taking opportunities with BCHA – starting out with volunteering. Volunteers and mentors are vital to BCHA’s work and in Kari’s case this led to a full-time career. “I completed an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Psychology and wanted to find work opportunities within probation. “As […]

Esther’s Story

Esther was referred to BCHA’s New Deal project in November 2009 after gaining accommodation and later independent living through the organisation. She did not know it then, but that referral would steer Esther towards a rewarding career and financial independence. “I was sent to the new deal placement by the job centre a part of […]

Elaine’s story

Elaine was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder as an adult five years ago, and it provided an understanding of some of the difficulties she’d faced in social situations growing up. She had a creative background and a degree in photography but was finding it hard to see opportunities for work. Now, after taking part in […]

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