Julia works in BCHA’s finance team. Like BCHA, she is also celebrating her 50th birthday this year. This isn’t just a milestone in age, but a personal celebration as both her mother and grandmother both died before they reached 50.

She’s celebrating her ‘50th year’ by doing things she’s never done before – including running a marathon in support of BCHA.

Please support her by donating here – and look out for her in her Bchangemakers hat at the finish line!

Julia’s piece of advice for changemaking:

If something looks impossible, don’t think that you’re not gong to achieve it.”

  • £5 can provide art therapy, including materials, for one person
  • £30 would pay for a counselling session
  • £5,000 would pay for approximately 150 sessions
  • £1,000 will allow for a full Mindfulness course to be facilitated