Nikki Crockford was at rock bottom when she first came into contact with BCHA. But 10 years on she credits the organisation with helping her completely transform her life.

“I was 41 and recently out of rehab. My alcohol addiction had brought me to my knees and two hundred miles from my previous community.

“Initially in supported housing I was guided back to adult further education, helped step by step by my BCHA support worker.

“I then moved on to general housing where I remain, knowing that if I should face any obstacles I can find the assistance I need to overcome them, again from BCHA and its staff.

“I am now 52, still sober and Bournemouth is now my new home. But I would not have been able to achieve this without the support of BCHA and its staff.

“I volunteer for a local cancer charity and enjoy every minute. I laugh…a lot and have time for others.”

“BCHA has given me the confidence to move forward. I retrained and qualified as a holistic therapist, before moving on to teaching adults.

“I developed a chronic health condition during this time which meant a change in direction, one towards health and again recovery.

“I haven’t disengaged from opportunities within BCHA or the wider community. On the contrary, I volunteer when I am able, for BCHA customer consultations and Scrutiny- which means my voice is heard and I am able to effect change, hopefully for the better, within BCHA.

“BCHA has helped me look in the mirror again and smile.”

“Alongside this I am now a responsible tenant, I know my neighbours and take care of myself and my environment. I volunteer for a local cancer charity and enjoy every minute. I laugh….a lot and have time for others.

“I am doing the best I can. I am always looking for ways to learn how to grow as a person and if I make one person smile during my day, even if it’s only myself, then it is a good day – We can’t all be Superman.

“BCHA has helped me look in the mirror again and smile.”

  • £5 can provide a bus fare for a day to access activities and appointments
  • £60 can provide a new outfit for a person coming to us from the street with no clothing other than what they come in wearing.
  • £1,000 keeps a Rough Sleeper in emergency accommodation for a month
  • £5,000 would buy 60 starter packs for customers moving into a new home, which would include, kitchen starter set, dinner set, Bathroom towel set, duvet, pillows, full bedding set
  • £10,000 would currently cover the interest cost on a private finance loan of around £333,000 that could fund the building of around three new homes