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January 2020 marked two major milestones in Darren Alexander’s life – He turned 50 and with BCHA’s help he finally moved into his own council flat.

Darren’s Story

“Kirsty and Kerry from BCHA, along with my family, are the reasons why I am standing here in my own flat today. Without them I would be dead.”

Mike’s story

“BCHA gave us a support worker Carmela Richmond who literally guided me back to a life of hope”

Rachel’s story

"Growing your own food is inspiring and empowering"

Miles’ story

"Having a camera and learning about the oceans literally saved my life. I now love sharing my skills and knowledge to help others achieve their own goals"

Maria’s Story

"I feel like I’m really making a difference"

Adam’s Story

"The Festival of Wellbeing has become a highlight of BCHA’s calendar, highlighting the many fantastic organisations offering their support to people, often when they need it most"

The Festival of Wellbeing’s Story

"The support and training that I received motivated me to make significant life choices through my own personal development"

Stuart’s Story

"It was a great opportunity for us to come together to raise money and to gain a small understanding of some of the hardships that the homeless face every day and night."

Castle Court School’s Fundraising story

"I’d always wanted to work for an organisation where I was helping people"

Kari’s story

"I was asked by my advisor at BCHA what interested me. I said I would like to do support work and try to assist people, as I had been assisted"

Esther’s Story

“I’m proud to say that the future is brighter for many people thanks to Ignite"

Jamie’s Story

“New Directions helped galvanise opportunities which will help me into employment”

Elaine’s story

“I really wanted to show support for BCHA and the people they help in Plymouth”

Sophie’s story

"I hope to raise at least £2000 for Bchangemakers campaign"

Paul’s story

“I felt part of a team from the outset. BCHA invested in me, offering me training and helping me to develop."

Greg’s story

"I volunteer for a local cancer charity and enjoy every minute. I laugh...a lot and have time for others."

Nikki’s story

“She had been let down by the very people who were meant to love and support her.”

Sophie’s story

“I chose the job of a support worker because I am tired of people failing other people.”

Charlie’s story

"Kylie handed me her razor blades and said she no longer wanted to harm herself and felt like she could now see a way forward in her life"

Kylie’s story

"My support worker Natalie has been lovely to me. She knows all about my struggles."

Courtney’s stories

"I remember looking at this lad not much younger than myself, and wanting to take away the shame and embarrassment he felt."

Alice’s story

"People had had enough of me and my problems and finally I started to see that they were really trying to help me."

Stewart’s story

"I love working for BCHA. I want to give something back as I am an example of what you can overcome when you are given the right help and support and you really want to make a change in your life"

Vicky’s story

"It is often forgotten that behind homelessness, drug abuse and trauma there are people with dreams and passions."

Charlotte’s story

“New Directions has given me a chance to see the working world differently.”

Jason’s Story

“The NCS programme developed my self-confidence – it taught me how to overcome challenges independently and cooperatively. I couldn't be thankful enough for the life skills it has given me”

Chantelle’s Story

“I’ve made the leap from NCS participant to a full-time staff member”

Alisha’s Story

“Having the NCS students here was brilliant – they were wonderful and they brought such a lovely energy to the place.”

Tish’s Story

“I felt like I was struggling through thick mud and fog before I came to Ignite – and I ended up in the bright sunshine”

Janet’s Story

"I know if I was in trouble I could go there and they’d find someone to help me"

Jane’s story

"I hear either “BCHA has changed my life” or “BCHA has saved my life.”"

Colin’s story

"We’ve raised money for such an incredible cause."

The Skydive Team’s story

"Seeing what the young people have achieved makes me feel really proud."

Georgia’s story

"To go from homelessness to studying at University means a lot to me."

Emma’s story

"It's about the commitment, care and passion that all our team show towards our clients."

Brian’s story

"I have a passion for working face-to-face with young people."

Daryl’s story

"BCHA puts you back on track when you think you’ll never see the track again."

Sam’s story

“The staff who welcomed me were indescribably patient.”

Janet’s story

“I wanted my kids to be proud of their mum, and I wanted to teach them to never give up.”

Melissa’s story

"I wouldn’t have what I have now if it weren’t for BCHA."

Kaye’s story

“They talked me out of going back every single time I was crumbling and wanted to give up.”

Mai-Li’s story

“I want to help others by talking to them about the challenges I have faced in my life.”

Hannah’s story

“The support we were given allowed us to move forwards with our lives without fear.”

Megan’s story

"I’m fairly hopeful that I’m going to finish the London Marathon."

Julia’s story

"Sometimes you go into denial a little bit and you don’t realise the help that you need."

Bill’s story

"I didn't see anything in myself that was worthwhile - SMILE has helped me instil confidence in myself."

Scott’s story

“To help other people make changes in their life is phenomenal.”

Charmaine’s story

“For me, it’s gone from literally feeling like I’m drowning to piecing it together.”

Sarah’s Story

“People look at me and see that there’s a second chance in life.”

John’s story

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